The solution to our future energy needs

The world needs to find a solution to our ever increasing need for energy. We have been depending on fossil fuels for a long time, which reserves would not last till eternity but would exhaust one day in the future.

We have many options which are environmentally friendly and also renewable, with no footprints being left behind for our future generations to clean up.

Wind, wave and solar energies if harnessed could solve all our energy needs till eternity, but we have not given these the desired priorities. We have still to master the harnessing of these sources of energy which are freely available to most humans around the world.

Very aggressive traditional and digital marketing strategies would need to be adopted if we are to educate the peoples of the world on the advantages of using these renewable forms of energy which will be in the best interests of our future generations.

The prolific use of fossil fuels has had detrimental effects on the world’s environment one of which is today an often discussed subject and that is the damage in the Ozone layer.